Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Gamen hoort bij opvoeden

Dear visitors,

I read an interesting article in Volkskrant yesterday. Peter van Ammelrooy wrote a controversial article about how parents should accept gaming in their children's life. As with football-practice or basketball matches, they should watch them play from the sideline. Sit on the couch in the living-room and watch your kid game. Just to learn their own child's interests and to understand the digital world of Playstation, Xbox, Wii or PC.

A remark in the article was: "I rather have my kids playing a videogame that stimulates the brain and trains hand-eye coordination, than when they watch TV for 3 hours straight." I must say, I agree. I think a healthy combination of indoor and outdoor activity is the best. Go play soccer outside with friends and them go home and do a 360 on one of your online friends. Kids understand the difference between reality and fiction. Those that don't, don't need a videogame to do crazy things.. And if things really get out of control, you can always .....

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