Sunday, 11 December 2011

How to make a passive sentence?

Dear third-year pupils,

We've practised with making passive sentences. Here is a link to the handout you were given (passive!) during class. The passive should be practised (passive!). Please do...

Example: I am bringing a gift to the party.

Step 1: Wat is het lijdend of meewerkend voorwerp? a gift
Step 2: Wat is de tijd van de werkwoorden am bringingpresent continuous
Step 3: Zet de toevoeging to be in de present continuous: am/is/are being.
Step 4: lijdend voorwerp a gift is 3e persoon enkelvoud dus is being
Step 5: voltooide tijd van active verb bringing (to bring): brought
Step 6: Passive sentence: A gift is being brought to the party.

A Passive Man....

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